My Top 11 Valentine’s Day Tips

1. Know your date’s preferences. Do they like movies? sports? music? literature? Find what interests your date and build from there.

2. Make plans early. Things tend to run smoother if you plan ahead. Make reservations early. Or sketch out your plan.

3. Think about the food. 
  • You can eat at home. Purchase all the food early and double check your list to make sure you have everything.
  • Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant. Plan to be a little early since Valentine’s day is usually pretty busy.
  • Order in. Having a meal at home can be just as fun if you order in and set the tone.
  •  Don’t forget about the snacks for later.
  • Also remember to get hot drinks and chocolate for your night.
4. Spend time alone together. Remember this night is about the two of you. Enjoy spending time together.
5. Stay off of your phone. Pay attention to your date. And be careful not to compare your night with all the other expressions of love you are seeing on your social media feed.
6. Give a small token of your love. Give your date flowers or a hand written letter.  Purchase a little gift from Gifts For You Now  like a personalized keepsakes, jewelry, or art.
7. Plan one element of surprise. Flowers at work. Candlelight dinner at home. Notes around the house. Have one trick up your sleeve.
8. Set the mood early. Dress up a little. Add a few flowers. Pull out some candles. Dim the lights. Turn up the music. Hold hands. Really look at each other and enjoy the date.
9. Be creative. Hot air balloon rides, bed and breakfast getaways will not be quickly forgotten. Take the time to think ahead and plan a special day for your date.
10. Tell your date why they are special to you. Try to express your love through words and stretch it into something meaningful. Be sure to tell your date why you are thankful for them and why you love them.
11. Do something silly. Email every hour about your undying love. Get an oversized card that they can’t miss. Do something that is fun yet endearing.