How To Create A Photo Wall With Minted

Every once in a while I get the urge to redecorate. My most recent target was our family room. In a matter of days all the walls were repainted, the curtains and rug were replaced with new colors and patterns that added a bit of cheerfulness to the room. The throw pillows were all put in place. The built in book cases were revamped with all sorts of fun trinkets. And the photo wall with a mixture of family pictures, prints, and our family monogram was hung over the couch.
Because I’ve had so much fun I thought I’d share a few tips I thought of for creating a photo wall.    
1. Mix and match (add prints, photos, art, letters, numbers, and other trinkets for an eclectic eye-catching wall). Minted is one of my favorite places to find abstract art. Not only do they have great cards like Minted’s 2015 Save-the-Dates, Christmas cards, and other great announcements, but they are a marketplace for independent artists. I love adding their colorful artwork to a collage to create dreamy scenes. The hand-painted shapes, sketches and photographs really pop color and add inspiration to any photo wall.     
2. Use different sizes and shapes on your wall. Vary the frames and trinkets. Maybe add your family’s monogram or frame your child’s art to add a special touch. Why not personalize a print?   
3. If your are overwhelmed keep it really simple. Only  use a few photos and keep them symmetrical. Check out this blog for wall arrangement ideas.
4. Create a photo wall anywhere. The living room, the bedroom, the bathroom, or even the staircase. Liven up all those boring walls.  
5. Why not try to use a single color in every picture to tie the wall together. Every picture in our family room has yellow in it.
6. Or pick a color scheme the frames. Use all black frames, or white frames, or gold frames. Whatever color you want.
7. To create a clean look use the same frame for every picture. In Eleanor’s room we used all white frames against a pink wall. It kept her wall clean and fresh.  
8. If you have a favorite artist use several of their pieces to create the cohesive look. Again in Eleanor’s room we used three prints from the same artist. I love her wall!
9. Through out all the matchy matchy and build your wall around a theme. (Example: Paris).
I hope you have fun creating a photo wall at your home!