Easter Egg Dinner

Once a year, about a week before Easter, I have a nightmare that I can’t find anything to wear on Easter morning for church. Now I should clarify, this really shouldn’t count as a nightmare because at any given minute I could walk up stairs and pull something out of the closet for each person in our family. Nonetheless each year I have the same dream. I’ve started to think about it like an alarm that says, time to go Easter dress shopping. So off I went. I think I can get away with the kids matching for one more year so of course I am going for it. I love coordinating them!

I was walking through Target today and I got sucked into the “pull.” You know what I’m talking about. I came to get chips and two-liters for the Easter Egg hunt tomorrow and suddenly I am in the Easter aisle. How did I even get there?

Well I found this Easter Egg kit for $1.50 and am I standing there remembering all the fun I had doing that as a kid, so I throw it in the cart in hopes of starting a new Baker Family tradition. And I am happy to say I “woke up” from the Target trance and quickly checked out before mindlessly filling the entire cart.

So this little egg kit ended up being one of the funnest things we’ve done in a long time. We turned it into a whole dinner. First we dyed the eggs, colored them, and put stickers on them.

After we decorated the eggs, I let the kids peel them and eat. I made Mark and I egg salad sandwiches and we called it Easter Egg dinner.

Elias did the sweetest thing. He took this cool little “invisible drawing” crayon and drew Jesus on the cross and then when we put his egg in the blue dye it showed up. I love that he remembers why we are really celebrating.

Next we stuffed eggs for tomorrow’s neighborhood hunt. We played a game of memory, and had a dance party with blaring music. Let’s just say I love Owen’s moves!

When we were all practically laying on the floor because we wore ourselves out we started our Easter banner. We love reviewing all the Bible stories each night that leads up to Jesus’ resurrection. I love this season of celebrating all that God has done for us. We are living and breathing grace upon grace.