Life Lately According to my iPhone

I just realized it has been almost a month since I have updated this little blog. I had so much fun sharing ourfun news. That is one reason why it has been so quiet around here. Morning sickness has been a little rough this round.But I am now twenty weeks along and thankfully starting to feel a lot better.

We have had a great start to summer. The kids and I visit the splash pads and parks regularly and they love it.

We went on a little picnic by the lake the other day and eleanor almost chased a duck straight into the water. It gave “wild goose chase” a whole new meaning. That girl loves ducks and loves water! I’m surprised I wasn’t fishing her out of the lake by the end of the day.

We found a little goose family. They had six baby geese and they were so precious. We watched them for the longest time all napping and then pecking the ground to find food.

My friend Abby married this month and her wedding was beautiful. Elias was my little date. We also had fun celebrating Mother’s Day as a family. It was such a special day. Mark and the kids completely spoiled me. I am so thankful for each of my sweet babies. They are each such a gift. My mom was out of town so we celebrated a few days early with her.

Elias had his last day of Pre-k. He received a perfect attendance award (perks of being a teachers kid!) It was an amazing year for him and we are so thankful for his two teachers. They taught so well and poured out the love of Christ to him. We can’t believe all of the ways he has grown. I have a Kindergartener! Ah!

I hope you are having a great start to your summer too!