Trades of Hope

I am really excited to share something with you! It is called Trades of Hope. Trades of Hope is a really neat opportunity to buy great jewelry and support women in poverty. Women around the world live in slums, work in sweatshops, and are victims of the sex trade. These women don’t want charity. They want opportunity.

Trades of Hope isn’t in the business to sell bracelets. They go to work each day to change lives for the better. Their mission is to empower women by offering them a way to provide for their families in a sustainable way.

Trades of Hope sells jewelry (like the Teal Cascade necklace I’m wearing!) that is ethically produced and created using Fair Trade principles by women around the world. By marketing their creations, they offer artisans a way to provide for their families without entering into slavery, a way to keep their children rather than giving them to orphanages. Together, they are changing the lives of women in need around the world.

Check out Trades of Hope beautiful collection of jewelry, and please contact my friend Kaitlin Graff at if you have any questions!