Apple Cake Tea Room Baby Shower

Yesterday my mom and sister gave me and baby #4 an intimate little baby shower with family and a few friends at the Apple Cake Tea Room. I was overwhelmed by the generosity and the blessings they shared. I seriously could have cried twenty times when people were sharing scripture and their prayers. The shower was such a gift and it made me so excited to meet this little fellow.

About eight years ago we had my bridal shower at this tea room and now we are here with a sweet baby #4 at 36 weeks pregnant. I seriously love girly tea parties so it was really fun to celebrate there.

(My mom, sister-Dani, sister-in-law- Allie, and my one and only niece- Elizabeth)

(Devon, my sweet friend, mentor, and pastor’s wife. She is such a treasure.)

(Andrea, my aunt who feels like my second mom)

(Mom, I am so thankful for her friendship, servant’s heart, and wisdom)

(Lauren, my best friend from church. Love this lady!)
(Kim, my friend, neighbor, and pray warrior. If I ever need prayer I know I can ask Kim)

(My sister-in-law Allie and my precious niece Elizabeth)

(Morgan, my cousin and lifelong friend)
(Jessica, my servant hearted friend from church who is always willing to help)

(Sara, my sweet mother-in-law)