Finally Alive

Imitation called for mortician’s paint.
Decorating hollow eyes. Showing no restraint.
Lying. Hiding. Pretending.

Self-reliance buried an unresponsive heart.
Embalming the disorder, tearing it apart.
Excusing. Running. Striving.

Darkness enveloped the disobedient mind.
Wearing separation. To hostility confined.
Spiritually lost. Morally selfish. Legally guilty.

A corpse lay dead.

Voice called to desire.
Adorned in love and triumph.
Commanding allegiance. Enabling obedience.

Light shone out of darkness.
Arrayed in grace and mercy.
Revealing knowledge. Showing glory.

Hostility nailed to the wood.
Wrapped in thorns. Draped in blood.
Broken down. Abolished. Killed.

Union opened heaven’s gates.
Robed in love and freedom.
Providing perfection. Absorbing wrath.

Treasure appeared to opened eyes.
Displaying wisdom. Gifting faith.
Speaking peace. A soul released.

Breath expanded in the lungs.
Supplying a repentant cry.
Inhaling his goodness. Releasing his praise

Finally Alive