Shadows of the True and Greater

Recently I’ve been thinking about how Jesus has given us so many pictures of himself in the Old Testament. As I’ve thought about this it has made my heart rejoice in my great God.

One way I love to meditate on scripture is by writing. So here is a poem about how Jesus is the great I Am. As you read it think about each stanza being true about the historical person, food, or story, but then see how it is true about Jesus.

Shadows of the True and Greater

Shadows shout in the land.
Dressed as marriage, food, and story.
Pointing, calling, “see the substance.”

Jesus is the great I Am.

Choice made in a garden.
Dressed in decision.
Facing a tree.

Jesus is the greater Adam.

Sacrifice offered the first of the flock.
Robed as the keeper of the sheep.
Murdered by another’s sin; sacrifice still regarded.

Jesus is the greater Abel.

Hope intercedes behind the curtain, in the inner place.
Draped in holy innocence.
Anchoring our souls forever.

Jesus is the greater Melchizedek.

Promise shown in barren land.
Dressed in a celestial gown, toes sandy in the ground.
A star arose above the heir, who’d left his Father’s house.

Jesus is the greater Abraham.

Provision walked up a mountain.
Wearing no protection.
Willingly standing under his Father’s knife.

Jesus is the greater Isaac.

Perseverance wrestled through the night.
Cloaked in prayer and beaded sweat.
Wounded by the blow of justice. Prevailing in the House of God.

Jesus is the greater Jacob

Innocence thrown in a pit
Adorned by evil intent. Sold. Yet willed by God for good.
Brother’s betrayal couldn’t stop bowing knees, nor standing at the king’s right hand.

Jesus is the greater Joseph

Mediator stood in the gap.
Shining light from behind the veil.
Rock struck. Water flowed to lips of thirst.

Jesus is the greater Moses

Nourishment rained down from heaven.
Table spread, full of bread.
Laying a feast in the desert. Feeding all who hunger.

Jesus is the greater Manna

Pure blood dripped down the wood.
Painted red. The door.
Finding safety within. Wrath passing over. Freeing all the slaves.

Jesus is the greater Passover Lamb

Blamelessness upheld by the sovereign.
Wrapped in a quilt of suffering.
Stitching praise in pain and pleasure.

Jesus is the greater Job

Redemption spoke peace abroad, to a grieved and barren land.
Crowned as husband, home, and heritage.
Gathering a harvest in the house of bread.

Jesus is the greater Boaz

Kingdom came through a shepherd.
Anointed son. The chosen one.
Establishing a victorious throne. Reigning warrior forever.

Jesus is the greater David

Courage stood before the king.
Draped in royal robes.
Speaking, “If I perish…when I perish.” Resigning self for the people.

Jesus is the greater Esther.

Cast-out plunged into the deep.
Drowned in judgment’s wave, the sea.
Three days and nights past. Death, Burrial, Resurrection. Bringing far off near.

Jesus is the greater Jonah

Shadows shout in the land.
Tiny bud sprouts a flower.
Seed of the woman, born. Snake crushed under foot.

Jesus comes into focus. Jesus is the great I Am.