The Dynamic Heart In Daily Life | A Book Review

On October 3, 2016 a new book called The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life was released by New Growth Press. I enjoyed Jeremy Pierre’s book so much it kept me awake many nights. I could not stop thinking about how amazing God has made our hearts. Pierre offers groundbreaking material on how to understand ourselves and others in the context of human experience. I appreciated his faith-centered understanding of people accompanied by a Word-centered methodology for helping them.

Chapter by chapter, Pierre aids readers in understanding their own complex responses to daily life. The book masterfully exposes and corrects the false dichotomy between the spiritual and seemingly unspiritual parts of the human experience, showing how every thought, feeling, and choice expresses the spiritual activity of the heart.

Have you ever thought about the fact that your heart is three-dimensional? I love the example Pierre uses. He says, “Perhaps it would be helpful to think of these different modes of earth’s movement as rotating, tilting, and orbiting planet. All of these terms describe the movement of the earth, but each from a different set of concerns…Just as scientists can explore the earth’s singular position from these different perspective, so the heart’s function can be examined more closely individually” (18). This book helped open up my mind to see how horrible sin really is. “Sin taints the content of people’s thought life, the objects of their desire, the direction of their choices—the heart functions” (58). Sin affects the whole heart. Our minds, emotions, and actions are all involved. They are not isolated. I was struck by the fact that “all people reflect God in the structure of their hearts, but not all people imitate him in the use of that structure” (111).

But there is so much hope for sinners! Pierre presents a theological vision of how faith in Christ restores the dynamic human heart. He stated, “God designed people’s hearts for a singular purpose: worship” (23). Hearts are made to wholeheartedly worship God, and I got a glimpse of how amazing that really is after reading this book. The Dynamic Heart invites you to worship. This book invites you to have faith in Jesus Christ because “…faith is relational at its core. It is the continual re-submission of people’s beliefs, values, and commitments to God’s word; and such a massive structural reorientation requires the Holy Spirit’s strength and nothing less” (119). God can change a human heart.

Finally, Pierre guides readers through four key activities that will consistently position them to understand experiences—their own and those of others—in light of Scripture.

I really appreciated this book and I believe pastors, counselors, and church members will benefit from this book.