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The heart behind this blog is to glorify God, to encourage readers through fun and inspiring posts, to build relationships, and to share my family’s story.

Do you want to partner with me?

I’m excited to offer a new advertisement program! I would love to promote you and encourage you in any way that I can as we partner together.

I am excited about how the Lord could use this blog to bring encouragement to people, and I believe there is some pretty exciting stuff coming up in our future.

Each month my blog is growing in readers and subscribers. And I am so thankful to have readers who comment, bring insight, suggestions, and further inspiration. I love that we get to share our lives together! Right now I have 1000+ subscribers through various ways of subscribing. (If you would like more information on this feel free to email me.)

I have thought a lot about sponsorship and I believe it would be fun to really highlight my sponsors. In order to do that well, ad spots will be limited. I want to have ample time and energy to support you.

I am currently offering the following rates:

  • Partnership Ad: $25.00- Top sidebar placement.(255×125 px) Option to participate in a group feature/giveaway.
  • Standard Sidebar Ad: $15.00- **Sidebar Ad Only** (125x 125) Option to participate in the group giveaway.
  • Solo Feature: $40.00- I am now accepting Solo Features. This is an entire post dedicated to you. This is a great way to advertise your blog or business.
  • Product Reviews: I have the option for a review spot, where I put a picture & link of your product in a post. 

Advertisements can be booked with me directly-


Prices for advertisement are subject to change.

I reserve the right to advertise for blogs/shops/businesses that I stand behind and would support. I will not allow material that I deem as offensive, or that is not in line with the heart of my blog.


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