Elias’ First Sled Ride

With a fresh blanket of snow on the ground, we decided Elias needed to go for his first sled ride. Since our back yard is practically a mountain we didn’t have to go far to find a nice slope. Elias soon found himself…

Monday Musings

This was accidentally deleted. Thus I am posting it again January 1 After ringing in the new year with church friends, Elias and I spent the day at home while Mark worked a double shift at Olive Garden. After a…

Elias’ Favorite Tricks

Elias is 9 months old and these are some tricks he likes to perform. Elias likes to bite his bed Elias likes to stand in his bed. Elias likes to tell his bed who is boss. Elias likes to wave. Elias likes to sing….

Elias’ First Tooth

Elias is officially teething! I know this because his first tooth is about one-fourth of the way in. What is sad is I didn’t even know he was teething until I actually saw his tooth. He was acting so normal….

Baby Baker

Speaking of cookies, one time, Elias decided he wanted to bake some. He just so happened to have a complete baker’s outfit from his first baby shower. So he put it on and leapt into action. Easily distracted and very…

The Speedy Meltdown- Part 2

Alas, it was shot day! Nervously I bounced Elias on my knee in the waiting room until a stout “man” nurse pushed open the door and grunted, “Elias.” As I walked toward the man, I realized this was no ordinary…

The Speedy Meltdown

Only crazy people let you stab them with metal! Everybody knows this, yet I am supposed to allow a nurse to stick a needle into my precious baby boy. I am expected to go against all of my protective instincts…


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