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I love reading! Reading stretches both the imagination and mind. Books can excite, inform, and create different worlds and experiences. Stories can take me to far away lands, or keep me on familiar soil. Through black printed letters, we are given secrets of past generations. What a gift to see what geniuses penned and left for the future generations. What a privilege to gain knowledge through another’s mind.  

To keep up with what I am reading you can check out my reviews and ratings on Goodreads.

my read shelf:
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Next time it snows and you are trapped in your house for a day, or if it is raining, I challenge you to curl up with a new book. If it is warm and bright and the sun is hanging perfectly in the sky, take a book outside and read for a while. It will be fun. I promise!

If you want to keep up with what you’re reading and review what you’ve read, you can sign up for a  Goodreads account.

Join me in the reading corner and tell me what you are reading.


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